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Panorama photos

I haven’t migrated any photo’s yet to WordPress (still need to figure out best way to do this). Here are some tips and sample pictures.


  • For very wide panorama shoot upright (portrait) since you will lose always some of the top/bottom
  • Avoid shooting moving objects unless they’re moving slowly. In that case time the shot so objects are not at the edges. Of course you can always try to photoshop to move objects
  • One of the best stitch programs is autostitch.exe since it does adjust more than most basic stitch programs. You can download it for free from autostitch (for non-commercial use).
  • If you see doubling of objects after stitching try to cut off piece of the picture to reduce the overlap (but try to keep pictures close in size)

Below some panorama photo’s I took with Canon G9. Click on picture to see larger photo.
More pano pictures can be found here: Canon G9 panoramas

San Francisco

Lake Blanco (WA)


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