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Available Windows 7 Slates 2011 Fall

Note there are several new Windows 8 tablets announced for ’12 H2 like the Lenovo Yoga and this is now outdated.

UPDATE: Windows 8 tablet PC preview
UPDATE 2: updated (from summer to fall ’11)

Here’s a quick update what’s available if you’re looking for a Windows slate device.

Personally I still prefer a convertable tablet PC with integrated keyboard and I’d love if Lenovo would upgrade the current S10-3t with higher res IPS display with better viewing angles. But I can see benefit of a slate if you want to use it primarily as a media device and still want some extra windows functionality that you wouldn’t get from an iPad (e.g. hookup USB devices, SD slot to view your pictures or videos, full Web browser compatibility, myriad of PC applications like game emulators, office, photoshop, …).

Several interesting new devices are just being released with an IPS display. Several more new devices based on the new intel Oak trail CPU are expected by end of 2011. This is not a complete list and I listed only new devices which I think are potentially most interesting currently:

Device Specs Price Comments
Asus EP 121, Notebookcheck test

Notebookcheck.net: iPad vs EP121 size comparison:
EP121 vs iPad size
12” 1280×800 IPS
220 nits
Core i5 470UM
Webcam 2MP
Battery: 2-4hrs (rated 3)
1148 g
Great screen with great viewing angles. This device might be usable somewhat outdoors (see mobiletechreview.com). Great performance from Core i5 CPU so should be also decent for Photoshop or some minor video editing. Cons are short battery life (about 2-4 hours) and battery is not removable. Also 12” is less portable than 10” although weight is relatively decent. The Samsung Series 7 slate looks like a better alternative though.
Acer Iconia Tab W500, Notebookcheck test
Acer Iconia W500
10” 1280×800
350 nits (on spec)
AMD C50 1GHz
2GB memory, Radeon HD6250
2 Webcams 1MP
Battery: 3-7 hrs
970 g
$549 Not an IPS Screen but viewing angles are still good and it’s relatively bright (326cd/m2). Battery is about 3-7 hours. There’s an optional dockable keyboard but with fixed angle. Perf could be better but it should play HD video and is bit faster than Q550. Weight is relatively high.
Fujitsu Q550
10” 1280×800 IPS
400 nits
Atom Z670 1.5GHz
2GB, GMA 600
2 cameras
Battery: up to 3.5 / 7 hrs
771 – 862 g
Pricey but targeted for business use. Pro’s: bright non-glossy screen (400 nits) and IPS screen with good viewing angles and 400 nits with matte screen is relatively good outdoors. It has capacitive multi-touch and is fairlylight. User removable batteries rated at 3.5 and 7 hours. One of the few devices offering mobile broadband with GPS. Downside is slow performance and high price.
MSI WindPad 110W / U120W
MSI WindPad 110W
10” 1280×800 IPS
? nits
110W: AMD Z-01 duo-core
U120W: Cedar trail 1.86GHz
4GB, Radeon 6250
GPS, 2 cameras
3 cell battery: ?
1497 g
August ’11
Not much info, bit on heavy side for 10″. Windows perf index is 2.8 for the prototype model.
Samsung Series 7 Slate
Samsung Series 7 slate
11.6″ 1366×768
400 nits
Core i5 2467< 1.6GHz
4GB,Intel 3000
GPS,Webcam 2+5mp
Battery: up to 7 hrs
934 g

$1249 pre-order

Nov. 2011

Great performance and price is reasonably for Core i5 slate with bright IPS screen. Price ranges from $1099 to most expensive model at $1349 which comes with keyboard and dock and 128GB memory.

Preview: Trusted reviews preview

Dell Lattitude Peju (=ST?)
10” 1920×1080
Core i5
2 cams (1/5MP)
Battery: 6-8 hrs
860 g
Rumor is 2012 Q1 Not confirmed but came from leaked docs. Specs are impressive especially screen resolution if true. Buttons: volume, screen lock, power, ctrl-alt-del. Also comes with n-trig digitizer.
Dell Latitude ST
Latitude ST
10” 1280×800
Atom Z670 1.5GHz
2GB, GMA 600
micro USB,HDMI,micro SD
720p webcams +8MP cam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
Feb. ’12
Features GPS, up to 128 GB SSD storage, 1080p video output. Supports stylus input. Review: notebookcheck test
Viliv X70 Slate Oaktrail (not same as current X70).
Laptop Magazine X70 hands-onLaptop mag Viliv X70 II
7” 1024×600
Atom Z670 1.5GHz
1-2GB, GMA 600
micro USB,HDMI,micro SD
2 webcams 3+1MP
Battery: up to 6.5hrs
420 g?
? Note the current X70 is a different model and only shares the size. This one will have different buttons with optical mouse (no joystick) and capacitive multi-touch. Very light and battery would last up to 6.5 hours.

Rumor is that this has been cancelled and Viliv might exit the UMPC market.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer
10” 1280×800 IPS
Atom Z670, 1.5GHz
1-2GB,Nvidia Tegra
2 cams (1/5MP)
Battery: up to 9.5 (16 with keyboard)
680 g
From $399 NOTE: no Windows 7 slate but hopefully a Windows 7 version might follow. Which is maybe the EP 101tc?.IPS Screen is pretty good with good viewing angles. Also features dockable keyboard with extra connections and battery (which would provide up to 16 hours battery for Android OS). Unfortunately not clear yet if a Windows 7 version will ever be available

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