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Detroit Auto Show 2010 new production models

Here’s quick recap which new production models were announced at Detroit. Unfortunately it was pretty much a record low. Also surprisingly very few hybrid models: only the Honda CR-Z was shown and neither fuel economy is great for a hybrid nor is the acceleration (about 9 sec to 60mph).

As usual there were a lot of announcements on green plans but yet anything concrete. Couple of models that are due for a redesign and we might have seen: Acura RL (2012 and hybrid option), Honda Civic, Toyota RAV4, any Scion model. Also Subaru’s coupe version of the Toyota FT-AE86 would have been nice to see.

Production Model introductions at Detroit 2010

Brand Models Comments
Audi   Only concepts… The e-tron concept will eventually be available as an R4 also with regular gasoline engine.
BMW   No new model introductions at Detroit
Ford 2012 Ford Focus

On sale early 2011.

Note first one is really a sedan/saloon. Second is a hatchback version.

Not much official data yet.

GM 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
Honda / Acura 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid
Specs are disappointing: for a hybrid it isn’t very fuel efficient (-11% compared to Insight) and for a sports car it’s rather slow (about 9 seconds to 60mph).

Honda announced Acura models will be offered as Hybrid (with no specifics when/which models).

Mercedes-Benz 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-class Cabriolet
Toyota / Lexus   No production models surprisingly.

They did say they will launch 8 new hybrid models over the next 3 years.

VW ?? Volkswagen NCC Concept
Actually rather a concept but looks pretty close to production.

Hybrid version would get 45mpg overall and 8.1 sec to 100km/h which would be pretty good.
However it remains to be seen if the hybrid will be sold anytime soon.


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