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Creating bootable USB drive and add backup utility

Here’s how to create a bootable USB drive and second how to add a backup utility so you could backup your UMPC or notebook. Note that the size of the flash drive must be able to hold the entire system drive with all files. There’s some compression though.

1. Create a bootable USB drive:
a. Format USB / flash card as FAT32: open computer and choose default allocation

Create bootable floppy to transfer system from (you can skip next 2 steps if you already have a bootable floppy):
b. If you don’t have a floppy drive you can create a virtual one with vfdwin:
    – download and install vfdwin
    – start vfdwin.exe and in ‘Driver’ tab click ‘install’, then ‘start’
    – Go to ‘Drive0’ tab and click ‘change’ and choose drive letter A:
    – In the same ‘Drive0’ tab click ‘Open/Create’ and select dft32.img as image, then click ‘Open’. This takes several minutes so if vfdwin appears to hang give it about 3-5 minutes. After it’s done you can verify if you can browse the A: drive
c. Download and run bootMe.exe to copy ME boot and select the floppy drive. This will take only a few seconds
d. Transfer floppy boot to USB:
    – Download and run HP USB Disk Storage Format tool. This will install HPUSBF.EXE and HPUSBFW.EXE
    – Start HPUSBFW.EXE and select your USB drive in ‘device’ and select ‘using DOS system files located at:’ and choose A:\

Done! You now have a bootable USB drive. You can close vfdwin.exe utility now by clicking stop/uninstall.

2. Install backup utility
a. Download and run AA1bwindows.zip. Run aa1bwindows.exe and choose below USB drive. This will install Linux boot partition and backup utility

3. Creating a backup with Viliv S5 UMPC as example
a. Insert USB drive
b. boot Viliv S5
c. Hit Menu button at boot-up to enter bios
d. Go into bios and change HDD boot order (last option, not boot sequence). You only need to do this once
e. Save bios and restart, this will start the backup utility.
f. In the backup utility choose BACKUP or RESTORE. Note that backup compresses the files


For other methods to create bootable USB drive see: http://www.bootdisk.com/pendrive.htm


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