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Whistler Peak 2 Peak gondola HD video

  Next year the 2010 winter olympics will be held in Whistler Canada and a new gondola has been built to connect Whistler mountain to Blackcomb mountain. The new gondola ride is called peak 2 peak and opened Dec 12, 2008. It’s one of the longest span in the world (no towers, one long cable over 3km!). It takes about 10 minutes one way. I just came back from Whistler and shot some HD video from Whistler and the new gondola ride. You can find the video here: http://www.vimeo.com/2617414

The ski lift ticket gave me free access to the peak 2 peak gondola (I assume that’s always the case, not sure). To get to the gondola first use the Whistler village gondola and exit at 2nd station. Then walk to the peak 2 peak building nearby. Note that there are 2 types of cabins: red and gray cabins. The gray cabins (I believe only 2) has a glass window on the bottom.

When I arrived one of the Blackcomb gondola towers just collapsed and reporters were all over it. No one was seriously injured fortunately. I believe that gondola is still closed.


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