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2010 Honda Insight Hybrid Details

Scroll down to end of article for updated specs including mileage.

Note I won’t be updating this page anymore given all info is now officially available. I’ve created a new page for the upcoming Honda CR-Z.

Edmunds Insight long-term experiences bloghttp://blogs.edmunds.com/roadtests/Vehicles/2010-honda-insight-ex/ 

Brochures/Manuals: US Insight Manual pdf, UK brochure Insight, US brochure Insight, US Insight page, NL Insight configurator, NL brochure Insight, D Insight configurator, D brochure Insight, A brochure Insight, F brochure Insight, Japanese Honda Insight dog site (with dimensions related to this)

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UPDATE 4/3/2009: Toyota will lower the price of the upcoming Prius III in Japan equal to an Insight LX. In Europe the price was earlier announced to be 5K higher than base Insight. US price is not yet announced. Honda announced they wouldn’t reprice the Insight in Japan (at least for now). CEO Takeo Fukui said that Honda is developing a hybrid drivetrain for larger cars.

UPDATE 3/26/2009: Insight vs Prius III comparison by motortrend: video link.

UPDATE 3/10/2009: Official US pricing: LX starts at $19,800

UPDATE 3/1/2009: Photo galleries: http://www.netcarshow.com/honda/2010-insight/, http://picasaweb.google.com/kosutasu
UPDATE 2/15/2009:
European reviews: NL: Autozine, Autoweek video, Gek op Wielen video, D: Focus, Autogazette, Auto-news
UPDATE 1/12/2009: Reviews: Edmunds first drive, Edmunds Insight ’10 vs Prius ’09, Car & driver, Road & Track, Motortrend fuel economy video, Motor Trend, Automobile, Popular mechanics, TOV HD video driving, TOV HD video interior.
UPDATE 1/11/2009: Full official US specs can be found here: US Insight Hybrid Specs Some pictures:

UPDATE Jan 2009: Euro and US Insight photo’s: Jalopnik: Euro Insight photos, autoweek,… :

UPDATE 1/1/2009:
Insight in Belgium brochure: Honda 2009 Brochure Belgium. According to those specs Insight is 13% more fuel efficient in city driving and 2% on the highway compared to the Civic Hybrid
UPDATE 12/25/2008:
leaked brochure pictures and detailed specs: Insight brochure scans (original source seems youtube) and details/specs on http://www.insightman.com/ (source Japanese mag).

Honda released a few more interior concept shots which gives an idea about luggage space:


UPDATE: Honda Insight Concept revealed in Paris: gallery

The big news on the Hybrid car front is the new announced 2010 Honda Insight which would become the cheapest Hybrid on the market. Here is an overview of all details and specs, I’ll update / correct this data as more details will come in.

One of the big questions I had is how Honda is keeping the Civic Hybrid attractive if this new model would be considerably cheaper (-$4000) yet offer more trunk space (hatchback with foldable seats) plus better mileage. The answer is first that prices were actually little bit higher than previously rumoured and the more comparable EX is only about 2K less. Second the build quality/feel of the Civic seems slightly higher than the Insight and mileage is about same. That said I do think the Civic Hybrid will lose some sales to the Insight. I also noticed that many dealers are giving discounts on the Civic Hybrid.

The next generation Prius was also unveiled in Detroit 2009 and is slightly bigger and more fuel efficient (50mpg combined). Pricing for the US hasn’t been announced yet but most anticipate same price as previous model making base model about 2K more expensive than the Insight. However Toyota slashed the price of the base Prius III in Japan to equal the price of an Insight LX. In Europe pricing didn’t change and is therefore 4K Euro’s more expensive. US pricing will be announced soon.



Concept:        Oct 2nd, 2008 Paris
Production:     January 11, 2009 Detroit

Manufacturing Location
Sale and production estimates

Honda Suzuka Japan (same as Civic Hybrid)
200K a year, 90K USA, 10K Canada, 5K Germany, 2.5K Netherlands. Civic Hybrid 2007 sales: 32K
Last week of March sales USA: 569

Current production 2009/4: 600 Insights per day




Confirmed by Honda:
Length: 172.3"   (-5"      /   -13 cm)
Width:   66.7"    (-2.3"   /     -6 cm)
Height:  56.2"   (-0.1"    /   -0.2 cm)
Clearance: 4.9" (-0.6" / 1.5cm)

Front seats width: 50.5 cm (same), height fronts seat to roof: 93.5 cm (Civic: +4.5 cm)

Cargo volume: 15.9 / 31.5 cu ft seats down (+5.4 cu ft)
Cargo (Europe): 408 l / 1017 l (+58 l / +667 l)
Cargo dim.: height: 38-48cm, depth: 84-158cm, width: 94-151cm

2723/2727 lbs LX/EX US (-154lbs), 1180 kg  (-90 Kg)
Europe (NL): 1176 Kg / 1115 Kg (without battery)

Crash Test

Front/passenger/side driver/side passenger:*****/****/*****/****

Details: http://www.safercar.gov/portal/site/safercar/


1.339 4-cyl liter. (Japan) Spec comparisons:

Civic MX: 94HP @ 6000 rpm, 12.3 kgm @ 4500rpm
Insight:    88HP @ 5800 rpm, 12.3 kgm @ 4500rpm

IMA motor:
Civic MX:  20HP @ 2000 rpm, 10.5 kgm @ 1160 rpm
Insight:     14HP @ 1500 rpm, 9,4 kgm @ 500rpm

0-60mph Edmunds: 10.9sec (-2.5sec Civic Hybrid)


Japan 10.15 mode test: 30 km/l. The Japanese Civic Hybrid spec (MX drive by wire): 28.5 km/l.
Strange enough Euro numbers improved more on the Civic than the US EPA mileage:

US EPA (est. compared to Civic Hybrid, note: with econ off):
City:           40  (same)
Highway:     43  (-5%)
Combined:   41

City:            49   (4.8 l/100km, -2%)
Highway:      52   (4.5 l/100km,-5%)
Combined:    50   (4.7 l/100km)

Europe (B/NL) S/Comfort:
City:           4.6 l/100km  (+13% improvement)
Highway:     4.2 l/100km  (+2%)
Combined:   4.4 l/100km  (+5%)

16" wheels (Elegance): 4.6 l/100km combined.
Fuel tank: 10.6 gallons (40 liter)


– LX  $19,800 (+$670 destination charge)
EX  $21,300 (+$670 dc) adds:
  – Alloy wheels
  – VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist)
  – Cruise control
  – 6 speakers with USB (instead of 4)
  – Steering wheel Paddle shifters
  – Center console with armrest and storage
  – Driver and passenger vanity mirrors
  – Driver and passenger side seatback pockets
  – Map lights
  – Heated side mirrors with turn indicators
  – Variable windshield wipers (instead of 2 speed)
  – Illuminated window switches on passenger side
EX-Navi $23,100 (+$670 dc) adds:
  – Navigation
  – Bluetooth Handsfreelink
  – Illuminated steering wheel-mounted audio, nav, phone controls

Europe (B / NL / D / UK):
S (NL, D). Price NL: 19.950 Euro
Comfort adds (SE). Price NL: 20.950 Euro
  – Steering wheel controls
  – Radio CD player (MP3) 4 speakers
  – AUX input
  – Folding electric adj. side mirrors & integrated turn indicators
  – Center console with armrest and storage
  – Vanity mirror driver and passenger side
  – Seat-back pocket passenger seat
  – Cargo light
  – Cargo area cover
  – Read windshield wiper
  – Map lights
  – 15" Alloy Wheels
Elegance/ES adds (equipment may vary per market). Price NL: 22.600 Euro
  – Bluetooth hands free-system with voice recognition
  – Heated front seats
  – Door entry lights
  – Aluminum details on doors
  – Seat-back pockets both driver and passenger seat
  – Light glove box
  – Rear center console with beverage holders 
  – Alarm security system
  – Rear parking sensors
  – Front fog lights
  – Cruise control
  – Rain and light sensor
  – Steering wheel paddles
  – 2 Tweeters
  – 16" Alloy wheels

Leather is an option in some European markets (CH).

Note: compact spare tire standard in US, optional in Europe.


Scroll down for photo showing all colors


Exterior colors:
– Atomic Blue (warm gray only)
– Clear Sky Blue (warm gray only)
– Alabaster Silver
– Polished Metal
– Tango Red Pearl (warm gray only)
– Spectrum White Pearl
– Crystal Black Pearl

Interior colors:
– Warm gray fabric
– Deep blue fabric

Europe (confirmed for NL):

Exterior colors:
– Neutron Blue
– Cerulean (not initially available and not in all markets)
– Alabaster Silver
– Polished Metal
– Milano Red
– Urban Titanium
– Spectrum White (Silver) Pearl
– Crystal Black Pearl

Interior colors (combinations):
– Warm Beige fabric (not available on any S model and colors Spectrum White & Alabaster Silver)
– Dark Royal Blue/Cream fabric (not available with Crystal Black, Neutron Blue, Urban Titanium)

Japan color statistics (JDM sales report):

・ Spectrum white pearl: 27%
・ Alabaster silver metallic: 22%

・ Polished metal metallic: 21%
・ Crystal black pearl: 12%
・ Brilliant sky metallic: 7%

・ Premium deep violet pear:l 6%

・ Milano red: 5%



US/Canada: March 24th,2009 first Insights
Japan: January/February 2009 , Europe: April 2009


US (excluding $670 destination charge):
LX $19,800
EX $21,300
EX with Navi $23,100

Netherlands: S: 19950, Comfort: 20950, Elegance: 22600 Euro


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