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Sedona hikes

I had 2 days of hiking in Sedona (Arizona) and after research on hikeArizona.com and the book Sedona top 10 hikes I decided on the following 3 trails:
1. Boynton Canyon (3 hours). GPS coordinates: N34 54.460 W111 50.942
2. Devil’s bridge (1-2 hours). GPS coordinates: N34 54.170 W111 48.830
3. Bear mountain (4-5 hours). GPS coordinates: N34 53.625 W111 51.926
I’ve done piece of Bell rock trail before so I didn’t consider this one this time. West fork trail was rated high but didn’t look quite as appealing on the photo’s (and I had only 2 days). But next time I’m in Sedona I definitely check out a trail with some water:-). I was able to do all 3 trails and didn’t completely finish the Bear Mountain trail but close enough. Preferences do vary a lot so therefore pictures are always helpful. I’ve posted several photo’s of the 3 trails and some have GPS coordinates.
Personally I found the Boynton Canyon trail little bit disappointing. It starts with nice views but with the enchantment hotel inbetween. Then for a while you go through to the forest with not too much variation. Fortunately it does end with some nice view but it’s narrow and you can’t look that far. I did see some great pictures from Boynton Canyon but it must have been made after the end of the trail (which is strongly discouraged).
Devil’s bridge was nice and made up for it. It’s shorter and only about 1 hour to get to the bridge. However add 1.3 miles if you don’t have a 4×4 car to drive over the unpaved road. But even with the 1.3 miles it’s worth it. Great views and a nice unique natural arch (bridge).
Bear mountain was absolutely great! Pretty much from start to finish. It’s a bit tougher but even if you don’t make it to the top you will be rewarded with some nice views early on. Make sure you cross the street from the parking area to get to Bear Mountain trail.
UPDATE: I’ve put a video of this trail on vimeo.com: http://www.vimeo.com/946990
Pictures can be found here (all shot with G9 except for some HF100 framegrabs): http://lucienk.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!A4AE3FB12A26635!806  

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