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Sharing HQ video online with friends: vimeo.com

If you ever wanted to share video with family and friends and tried youtube.com, then you know quality is really bad. That’s where vimeo.com comes in. It’s basically youtube.com on steroids: it supports up to 1280×720 resolution (streaming at 1.5Mbps and much higher for original file for downloads). Second you can set various privacy settings: public; public with password or private video visible only to your contact list. You can upload up to 500MB per week. This is all for free:-). I recommend uploading HD video at these settings: WMVHD 720p using 2 pass peak/quality (5/8Mbps or 6/9Mbs depending on file size) and stereo audio at 128kb/s.

I’ve embedded a vimeo video below. Note embedded doesn’t support high resolutions. So head over to http://vimeo.com/lucienk to check out a couple of HD video’s I uploaded.



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