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Deception Pass Revisited


I’ve posted some pictures again from my recent Deception pass visit (see also my earlier post). Technically it’s part of Deception pass but it’s on Fidalgo Island.
It’s a very nice area and about an hour drive from Seattle. Several very scenic short trails and typically not crowded.
How to get there:
  • Drive to Anacortes (I-5, exit 230 to Anacortes)
  • Turn left few miles after the bridge to stay onto SR-20
  • Go right onto Rosario Road (before you reach the bridge), then immediately take another left onto Bowman Road

There are several nice short trails:

  • Lottie point (about 1 mile). Full views of deception pass bridge. There are several unmarked side trails after about a mile to the right to see the bridge. Some exploration is required (nothing really marked, but about all end up with nice views of the bridge)
  • Lighthouse point (about 1 mile). Go left at parking area (facing the ocean). After about .5 mile go over the bank to the other island and follow left coastline
  • Rosario Beach (about 2 miles or so)
Another nice area is the north side of Fidalgo island using the loop road in Anacortes.

There are some nice improvements to the photo viewer: click settings in full view and you can choose between: crossfade, zoom & panning and reflection. Last one shows description under the image.

Link: (click full view on right): Photo’s


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