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Canon G9, best Point & Shoot Camera 2007?

UPDATE: dpreview reviewed the G9 (link: G9 review) and gave it a rating of (just) highly recommended. Good comparisons are shown to the P5100 and it gives the G9 a slight edge. There’s also a sharpness comparison that includes the F50fd. F50fd has highest resolution but they add: "how that translates into image quality for real world photos is more questionable". From few f50fd pictures what I’ve seen, they suffer badly from CA, halo’s and other artifacts. So G9 appears to be best upscale P&S camera but I have to admit it has issues like most 12mp cameras. I do see noise even at lowest iso in darker areas (although in 4×6 prints typically not visible). The lens is also pretty slow. It’s time the industry focuses on quality instead of megapixels…. Maybe next year…
UPDATE 2: f50fd review is available now on popular photo (weren’t too impressed): http://www.popphoto.com/cameras/4764/camera-test-fujifilm-finepix-f50fd.html

I still have my 6 year old Canon S30 and it shoots still pretty decent pictures, but a new P&S camera is long overdue. So which (pocket) digital camera is the best currently? Personally I think it comes down to these 3 (ignoring cheaper full automatic cameras):

  • Canon Powershot G9, 35-210mm lens (6x)
  • Nikon CoolPix P5100, 35-123mm lens (3.5x)
  • Fuji F50fd, 35-105mm lens (3x)

Dpreview.com hasn’t tested any of these but a few sites tested the G9 already. General consensus is that the G9 is marginably better than the G7 and in general it’s the best P&S camera currently (but not without its flaws especially noise in higher ISO).  I haven’t found a review of the other 2 yet but my prediction is that the P5100 will be close to the G9 but still bit slower and slightly less features (and $100 cheaper). The Fuji F50fd should beat the other 2 in terms of noise but according to one early CNET review that might not be the case anymore…

So I think I’ll give the G9 a try. There are some early reports that some models have a screen light leakage in the corner (too bright in the corner). So you may want to check that. Here’s a nice video review of the G9 from CameraLabs.com:



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