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California photos

I just came back from California and made a lot of pictures. You can see pictures now fullscreen with high resolution!! Nice improvement. To do this click ‘fullscreen’ and you see picture fills your screen. Link is here: Photo’s
I visited:
  • Lake Tahoe (haven’t been there in 11 years). We went to the Eagle Falls trail and did part of the Rubicon trail. The first trail I enjoyed most since the Glacier lake was really beautiful. The latter one is nice as well and probably a must do to see Lake Tahoe. However it will take a bit more effort. We didn’t go around Lake Tahoe as we ran out of time. So not sure if you would get a comparable view of the Lake without the trail.
  • Yosemite. This time we entered from the east side which surpisingly looked quite different. I believe the area is called Tioga (at least the pass is called that way). I really loved how different it looked. I wish we had more time than just passing through. Well take a look at the pictures:-). Rest we visited Glacier point and I did the Taft point trail again (Sentinel trail I haven’t done but didn’t look as great on pictures posted on the internet). I highly recommend Taft trail. It’s short 1 mile hike (at high altitude) to stunning views of the valley
  • Big Sur. I’ve been there a few times but this time I wanted to do Ewoldsen trail (recommended in hikinginbigsur.com). It was a tough hike but so far best hike in Big sur I’ve done (well I only done 2 or 3). It will take about 3-4 hours and it’s steep most of the time. I do have to say though that the hikes in Big Sur can’t compare really to other national park trails (sure it’s also apples to oranges). So don’t expect to see big waterfalls or glacier lakes of course.
I use autostitch.exe (from BC University) often now instead of Canon’s stitch program. It stitches much better and I hardly ever see any artifacts.

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