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Ivan Lins – Começar de Novo how to play video

I’ve taped finally playing Começar de Novo (the Island) by Ivan Lins. Timing is slightly off at times but it does give you an idea how he played it at the GRP concert. Also I tried to simulate the Kawai EP308 sound (using CP70 Rhodes combo so not perfect but for Fantom alright).
I noticed that the video back stutters now and then. It’s not the case playing in youtube/soapbox so not sure why.  I found some little diffs by the way for the purists (and doesn’t sound notably better I think unless you have the EP308 probably):
  • 1st verse 4th bar: he adds G#
  • 1st verse 5th bar: plays G,D,G left hand (instead of E+G). Also right hand he delays playing D#
  • 1st verse 6th bar: plays G+D#+F#, then when back at G adds B (left hand) and ends up: with upper E left hand, B,D,F#
  • 1st bridge: last chord I can hear G+F (short)+G. However 2nd chord is tough to hear. I wish I could see his hands during this bridge:-)
  • 2nd bridge: he plays G instead of A for lower root of 1st chord, and also adds G (play soft) when he plays the chord. Technique to play additional 9th (pp) he does quiet often. Difficult to get it right though since it shouldn’t dominate
  • 2nd Chorus: he plays right before the chord C# (looking at the video).

UPDATE: I uploaded a 3rd version fixing these (of course still not perfect but not sure if it matters).

PS I also had some technical difficulties with the HV20 external mic input. I do notice a gate effect in the recording (artifically reduces volume at times). Not sure if it can be fixed but I’ll try some other settings next time. UPDATE: with help in dvinfo.net/conf I found it was the power cable. When I ran on batteries it recorded just fine and I didn’t need MIC ATT.

Video: Ivan Lins – Comecar de Novo


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