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Converting to WMV with Surround & fixing audio in TS files

Choosing surround
One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier blog entry (Converting HD movies to WMVHD for Xbox360) is that TMPGenc Xpress  does not automatically choose surround. So what you have to do to fix that:
– Go to audio tab
– Choose professional profile
– Choose 5.1 channels. Choose either 16 or 24 bit. For bitrate I would check the audio bitrate in the source and use that (use windows media player classic to see that info in properties).
Encode360 typically encodes with surround (with VC1 setting) but I have seen some instances with TS files where it didn’t. So always double-check.
2nd Update: Fixing audio issues with TS files
I found some ts files keep having bad audio sync issues when converting. Here’s what you can do:
  1. Use MeGUI (http://sourceforge.net/projects/megui) and choose in tools: D2V creator.
    • Choose video TS file and check ‘demux all audio tracks’, ‘on completion load files’ and ‘and close’. Then click queue
    • Start the job and after it is finished it will show a AVS script creation dialog. Choose appropiate settings and you’re done
  2. Use ac3fix to check the just created ac3 file. It will fix any errors and create a new file. Simply run from cmdline with input and output filenames as parameters (download: http://download.videohelp.com/download/ac3fix.zip)
  3. Note the audio delay in the ac3 file name. Use that value in tmpgenc express in the cut and edit screen (audio delay in left bottom corner).



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