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List of new Windows 8.1 tablets 2014

This is a list of upcoming new tablet devices with Windows 8.1
This is not a complete list but tries to list most of the major consumer devices (below 14″).

UPDATE 11/5/2014: Added Dell Venue 11 Pro
UPDATE 10/9/2014: Added Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Tablet 2 8" / 10"
UPDATE 9/8/2014: Added VivoTab 8
UPDATE 9/7/2014: Added Latitude 13 7000
UPDATE 9/6/2014: Added Switch 12, T300FA, Helix 2, Encore mini, added specs for few new models
UPDATE 9/4/2014: Added Aspire R13, Envy x2 13, Pavilion x2
UPDATE 9/3/2014: Added Satellite Radius; Switch 11; Iconia Tab 8 W, updated Aspire Switch 10

– Entries with Broadwell have next gen mobile Intel CPU that features a fanless design (Y series), increased battery life & better performance over Atom CPU’s.
– Entries marked with RT run Windows RT which will only run Microsoft store apps but not Windows programs (unless compiled for RT like Office).

Device Specs Price Comments
Acer Aspire R13
13.3" 1920×1080 IPS / 2560 x 1440
? nits
Intel Core i3/i5/i7, 500 GB/1 TB HDD
Intel HD Graphics / GeForce 820M
8-12 GB memory
? MP Webcam(s)
Active Pen
Battery: up to ? hrs
? x ? x 18 mm
1500 g
From $900

Oct. 2014

Screen flips 360 degrees using hinge design. Available with optional Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Also 14″ version available but with 360-degree hinge like Yoga (R14).
Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011 (older model)
10.1" 1366×768
330 nits (NB test)
Intel Atom Z3745, 32/64 GB eMMC/SSD
Intel HD Graphics Bay Trail
2 GB memory
micro-USB, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Keyboard dock: USB 2.0
Stereo speakers
2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs (5:52 NB test)
262 x 178 x 8.9/20.2 mm (+keyb.)
585 / 1170 g (without/with keyboard)

May 2014

Note new updated model with optional 1080p released for September ’14 (see below). Detachable screen using 2 magnetic hooks with variable angle and can be docked reversed for display mode.

Notebookcheck review

Laptopmag review

MobileTechReview video review

Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012
10.1" 1280×800 / 1920×1200 (16:10)
NB Test: 435 nits (1080p)
Intel Atom Z3745, 32/64 GB eMMC/SSD
Intel HD Graphics Bay Trail
2 GB memory
micro-USB, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Keyboard dock: USB 2.0
Stereo speakers
2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 7 (1080p) / 8 hrs
NB Test: 7:33 min
262 x 177 x 8.9/20.2 mm (+keyb.)
585 / 1170 g (without/with keyboard)
From $329

Sept. 2014

Note new updated model with optional 1080p released for September ’14. Detachable screen using 2 magnetic hooks with variable angle and can be docked reversed for display mode.

Notebookcheck review

Acer Aspire Switch 11
11.6" 1366×768 / 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Intel Atom Z3745 / Core i3/i5 Haswell
32 GB eMMC / 64-128 GB SSD
2 / 4 GB memory
micro-USB 2.0, micro HDMI, microSD
Keyboard dock: USB 2.0 (1080p: 3.0)
Stereo speakers, active stylus
2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8-9 hrs
299 x 192 x 10.5/25 mm (+keyb.)
760-850 / 1460-1550 g (+keyb.)
From $399

Oct. 2014

2 models available: one with Atom & 1366×768 (SW5-111) and higher end model with i3 or i5 and 1080p display (SW5-171).
Similar hinge system to Switch 10" model. Detachable screen using 2 magnetic hooks with variable angle and can be docked reversed for display mode.
Acer Aspire Switch 12
12.5" 1920×1080
? nits
Intel Core M Broadwell, 60/120 GB HDD
Intel HD Graphics 5300
4 GB memory
micro-USB 3.0, micro HDMI, microSD
Dock: USB 2.0
Stereo speakers
2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
317 x 221 x 9.5/16.5 mm (+keyb.)
850 / 1120 g (without/with keyboard)
From $650 est.

Dec ’14 (Europe)
Q1 ’15

Dockable keyboard with hinge design which can be docked at 2 positions to tablet (full length and mid). The tablet has small kickstand to increase stability when docked (different design from Switch 10/11).
Acer Iconia Tab 8 W
8" 1280×800 IPS (16:10)
? nits
Intel Atom, ? GB eMMC
1 GB memory
Stereo Speakers
? + ? MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs
? x ? x 9.8 mm
370 g

Nov. 2014

Comes with 1 free year subscription of Office 365.
Asus Transformer Book Flip (TP300)
13.3" 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Core i3/i5/i7,500 GB HDD
HD 4400 or NVidia GeForce GT840M (15" only?)
4-8 GB memory
USB 2.0,USB 3.0 x2,HDMI,SD
? MP Webcam
Battery: up to 7 hrs
330 x 226 x 23 mm
1770 g
$799 (core i5)

End of June 2014

Screen rotates 360 degree into tablet like Lenovo Yoga. Also 14" and 15.6" model available.
Asus Transformer Book T200TA
11.6" 1366×768
254 nits (Tlbhd test)
Atom Bay Trail Z3775, 32/64 GB iSSD
2 GB memory
Micro-USB, micro HDMI,MicroSD
2 + 5 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 11 hrs
305 x 194/200 x 12/26 mm (+dock)
780 / 1540 g (/+dock)
From $399

August 2014

Asus Transformer Book T300FA
12.5" 1366×768
267 nits (Ultrabookreview test)
Intel Core M Broadwell,32/64 GB eMMC
+500-1TB HDD in keyboard
Intel HD Graphics 5300?
2-4 GB memory
?, micro HDMI, microSD
1? MP Webcam
Battery: up to ? hrs
309 x 207 x 9.9/20.3 mm (+dock)
800 / 1600 g (/+dock)
est. $600

Q4 2014?

Dockable keyboard using hinge design. Additional 500 GB or 1 TB in keyboard dock.

UltrabookReview review

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi
12.5" 2560×1440
? nits
Intel Core M Broadwell, ? GB iSSD
Intel HD Graphics 5300?
Micro-USB, micro HDMI
2-4 GB memory
2MP? Webcam
Battery: up to ? hrs
? x ? x ? 7.3/14.3 mm (+keyboard)
680 / ? g (/+dock)
Q4 2014? Early preview of upcoming Broadwell tablet with dockable thin keyboard.
Asus VivoTab 8 (M81C)
8" 1280×800 IPS (16:10)
? nits
Intel Atom Z3745, 32 GB eMMC
Intel HD Graphics
1 GB /2 GB memory
Micro-USB, microSD
GPS, Stereo speakers
2MP + 2 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs
212 x 125 x 8.8 mm
330 g

Oct? 2014

Note compared to VivoTab Note no stylus and bit more compact dimensions and lighter. One of few devices with built-in GPS/Glonass sensors.
Asus VivoTab Note 8 (M80TA)
8" 1280×800 IPS (16:10)
226 nits (NB test)
Intel Atom Z3740, 32/64 GB eMMC
Intel HD ? Graphics
2 GB memory
Micro-USB, microSD
Wacom Stylus, Stereo speakers
720p + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: 8 hrs (NB test)
221 x 134 x 11.0 mm
380 g

April, 2014

One of few tablets with Wacom stylus.

Notebookcheck review

Dell Inspiron 11 3000
11.6" 1366×768 IPS
? nits
N2830/Pentium N3530, 500 GB HDD
Intel HD ? Graphics
4 GB memory
720p Webcams
Battery: up to 7.5 hrs
? x ? x 19.4 mm
1390 g

June 19, 2014

Shipping now. Note refresh and previous model did not have the fold back screen. Similar to Yoga where screen can fold back 180 degrees into tablet. Will have removable batteries.

MobileTechReview video review

Dell Inspiron 13 7000
13.3" 1366×768 / 1920×1080
? nits
Core i3/i5, 500 GB + opt. 8GB cache
Intel HD ? Graphics
4/8 GB memory
passive stylus
? + ? MP Webcams
Battery: up to 6 hrs
? x ? x 19.4 mm
1660 g

September, 2014

Note this is a refresh so current model does not have the fold back screen. Similar to Yoga where screen can fold back 180 degrees into tablet.
Dell Latitude 13 7000 (refresh)
13.3" 1920×1080
? nits
Intel Core M/M vPro Broadwell, 32?-256 GB SSD
Intel HD 5300 Graphics
4/8 GB memory
USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, SD
Keyboard: USB 3.0?
2 + opt. 8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to ?/? hrs
320 x 230 x ?/19.9 mm (+keyboard)
862 / 1705 g (+keyboard)
From $1199

Oct., 2014

Note this is a refresh so current model does not have Haswell. Detachable keyboard hinge design. Note folds only back to 135 degrees. Opt. 2nd battery in keyboard.
Dell Venue 11 Pro Core M (’14 refresh)
10.8" 1920×1080
? nits
Intel Core M Broadwell, 64-256 GB SSD
Intel HD 5300 Graphics
4-8 GB memory
USB 3.0,microSD,mini-HDMI
2+8 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 10/20 hrs (+opt.power keyboard)
280 x 177 x 10.8/? mm (+ keyboard)
730 / ? g (+keyboard)
From $699

Nov.11, 2014

Note this is a refresh of existing model adding core M CPU option. Optional keyboard available with extra battery.
HP Envy x2 13 (refresh)
13.3" 1366×768 / 1920×1080
NB Test: 313 nits
Intel Core M Broadwell, 128-512 GB SSD
Intel HD 5300 Graphics
4-8 GB memory
2x USB 3.0, HDMI, microSD
? MP Webcam(s)
Battery: up to 11 hrs
NB Test: 5:23 min
357 x 218 x 14-19 mm
1270 / 1830 g (+keyboard)
From $800

Nov, 2014

Similar convertible setup now as Surface Pro 3: detachable magnetic keyboard and a variable angle adjustable tablet kickstand. One of the first tablets with new mobile Broadwell CPU. A 15.6" model will also be available. Both models relatively heavy.

Notebookcheck review

HP Pavilion 10 x2
10.1" 1280×800 (16:10)
? nits
Intel Atom,32/64 GB eMMC
Intel HD ? Graphics
1-2 GB memory
USB, micro HDMI, microSD
Opt. stylus
? MP Webcam(s)
Battery: up to 11.75 hrs
? x ? x 10.4 (17.5 + keyboard) mm
544 g / 862 g (with keyboard)

Nov, 2014

Tablet is put in holder attached to keyboard with choice of 2 angles and can also be folded back in tent mode. Keyboard/holder is included in price.
HP Pavilion x360
11.6" 1366×768
161 nits (NB test)
Pentium N3520/2820, 320-750 GB + opt. 8GB cache
Intel HD ? Graphics
4/8 GB memory
? MP Webcam
Battery: up to ? hrs (3:37 NB Test)
308 x 215 x 22 mm
1397 g

July, 2014

Folds 360 back into tablet like Lenovo Yoga. Screen viewing angles are not quite as good or bright but priced low.

Notebookcheck review

Lenovo Miix 2 10
10.1" 1920×1200 IPS (16:10)
325 nits (NB test)
Atom Bay Trail Z3770,64-128GB eMMC
Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
2 GB memory
Micro-USB, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Stereo speakers, opt. Micro-SIM/LTE
2 + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs (5:45 NB test)
261 x 172 x 10.2 mm
576 g

Feb. 2014

10" version of the 8" Miix 2. Note aspect ratio is 16:10 instead of usual 16:9 wide screen. Includes Office Home & Student 2013. Keyboard dock is included. Dock only allows one display angle.

Notebookcheck review

Lenovo Miix 2 11
11.6" 1920×1200 IPS (16:10)
327 nits (4:44 NB test)
Core i3/i5,128 GB SSD
Intel HD 4200 Graphics
2 GB memory
USB 3.0, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Dock: 2 x USB 2.0
2 + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs (3:44 NB test)
300 x 190 x 11 mm
771 / 1350 g (with keyboard)
From $700

August 2014

Keyboard dock with ports and in 1 fixed angle. Battery life and weight is bit below average but price is decent for Core i3 convertible.

Notebookcheck review

Lenovo Thinkpad 8
8.3" 1920×1200 IPS (16:10)
304 nits (NB test)
Atom Bay Trail Z3770,64GB eMMC
Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
2 GB memory
USB 3.0, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Stereo speakers, opt. MicroSIM/LTE
2 + 8 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs (5:45 NB test)
224 x 132 x 8.8 mm
430 g

Feb. 2014

Note targeted as business tablet. Comes with Office Home & Student 2013 (except if you order with Windows 8.1 Pro edition).

Notebookcheck review

MobileTechReview video review

Lenovo Thinkpad 10
10.1" 1920×1200 IPS (16:10)
388 nits (NB Test)
Atom Bay Trail Z3795,64GB eMMC
Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
2 GB memory
USB 2.0, micro HDMI, MicroSD
Digitizer Pen/Stylus, opt.LTE
2 + 8 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 10 hrs (9:22 NB test)
255 x 176 x 10.3 mm
576 g
From $599

July 2014

Tablet with optional keyboard dock with fixed angle.

Notebookcheck review

MobileTechReview video review

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 2
11.6" 1920×1080 IPS
400 nits
Intel Core M 5Y10/70 Broadwell
128-256 GB SSD, Intel Graphics 5300
4/8 GB memory
USB 3.0, micro HDMI, microSD
Pro Keyboard: USB 3.0, miniDisplayPort
microSIM, Wacom Active Stylus
2 + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8/12 hrs (+dock)
302 x 192 x 9.6 mm (tablet)
302 x 213 x 20 mm (+pro keyb.)
795 / 1695 g (+pro keyboard)
From $999

Nov. 2014

Ultrabook Pro keyboard:
Jan. ’15

2 keyboard docks available: ‘Ultrabook keyboard’ which is a fixed tablet holder and the Ultrabook Pro Keyboard which allows variable angle docking and includes 2nd battery in keyboard dock.
Lenovo Yoga 2 11
11.6" IPS 1366×768
320 nits (NB test)
N2920/N3520/i3,500GB HDD/8GB SSD
Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
4 GB memory
USB 3.0, USB 2.0, micro HDMI, SD/MMC
Stereo speakers, opt. MicroSIM/LTE
720p Webcam
Battery: up to 6 hrs (4:50 NB test)
297 x 206 x 17 mm
1450 g

Feb. 2014

Folds 180 degrees back into tablet. Also available now with Haswell Core CPU.

Notebookcheck review

MobileTechReview video review

Lenovo Yoga 2 13
13.3" 1920×1080 IPS
285 nits
Core i5/i7, 500 HD+16GB/256 SSD
Intel HD Graphics 4400
4-8 GB memory
USB 3.0, USB 2.0, micro HDMI, SD/MMC
Stereo speakers, opt. MicroSIM/LTE
720p Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
330 x 221 x 17 mm
1556 g

Feb. 2014

Folds 180 degrees back into tablet.

MobileTechReview video review

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
13.3" 3200 x 1800
300 nits (NB test: 287 nits)
Intel Core M-5Y70 Broadwell
256 / 512 GB SSD
Intel HD Graphics 5300
8 GB memory
2xUSB 3.0,micro HDMI,SD/MMC
720p Webcam
Battery: up to 9 hrs (6:19 NB Test)
330 x 228 x 12.8 mm
1190 g

End of Oct. 2014

Folds 180 degrees back into tablet. Hinge design changed little bit to make the tablet thinner. The hinge itself is now flexible similar to metal watchband. 3 colors to choose from: orange, silver and gold.

Notebookcheck review

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2  8" / 10"
8" / 10.1" 1920×1200 (16:10)
? nits
Intel Atom Z3745, 32 GB eMMC
Intel Integrated HD Graphics
2 GB memory
micro-USB,microSD, micro SIM
micro HDMI (10" only?)
8 / 1.6 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 15 hrs
210 x 149 x 7 mm (8″)
255 x 183 x 7.2 mm (10″)
426 / 629 g (8/10)
8": $299
10": $399

End of Oct. 2014

One of thinnest and lightest Windows tablets. Has a built-in kickstand at bottom of device. Comes with Office 365 1 year subscription. Magnetic attachable Keyboard included for 10"
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
12" 2160×1440 IPS (3:2)
338 nits (NB test)
Core i3/i5/i7, 64-512 GB SSD
Intel HD Graphics 4200/4400/5000
4/8 GB memory
USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, microSD
Stylus, Stereo speakers, stereo mic
5 + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 9 hrs (8:24h NB Test)
292 x 201 x 9.1 mm
798 / 1093 g (+type cover)
From $799

June 20th. 2014

Notes: 3:2 display and kickstand has now variable angles from 0 to 150 degrees. New pen design with 2 buttons. The CPU models are: i3-4020U, i5-4300U, i7-4650U

Notebookcheck review

AnandTech review

MobileTechReview video review

Toshiba Encore 2  8" & 10"
8" / 10" 1280×800 (16:10)
278 nits (NB Test)
Atom Z3755F CPU, 32 / 64 GB eMMC
Intel Gen 7 Graphics GPU
1-2 GB memory
Micro-USB 2.0,MicroSD
Micro HDMI (10" only), Stereo Speakers
1.2+5 MP Webcams
Battery: <10 hrs
8": 6:30h NB, 10": 5:06h PCWorld
211 x 132 x 9.5 mm (8")
259 x 175 x 9.0 mm (10")
385 & 555 g
8": From $200

10": From $270

Sept. ’14

One of the lightest 10" tablets. Note micro HDMI port is only on the 10" model.

Notebookcheck review

PCWorld review

Toshiba Encore Mini
7" 1024×600
? nits
Atom Z3735G CPU, 16 GB eMMC
Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
1 GB memory
Micro-USB, MicroSD
0.3 + 2 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 7 hrs
199 x 120 x 10.9 mm
336 g

Sept ’14

Screen is not IPS type so viewing angles are more limited. Mono speaker only. Comes with 1 year of Office subscription.
Toshiba Satellite Radius 11
11.6" 1366×768
270 nits
Atom/Pentium CPU, 32-128 GB/500 GB eMMC/HDD
Intel HD Graphics ?
4 GB memory
Stereo speakers
? MP Webcams
Battery: up to ? hrs
? x ? x 22 mm
1300 g
From $330

Oct.26, 2014

Screen rotates 360 degrees like the Lenovo Yoga. Note screen is not IPS type so viewing angles are more limited.

List of new Windows 8 tablets 2013

This is a list of upcoming new tablet devices with Windows 8. Most will have new Haswell CPU’s with promised 50% better battery life and boost in graphics performance.

This is not a complete list but tries to list most of the major consumer devices.

LIST CLOSED. New 2014 list: 2014 Windows 8 tablets

UPDATE 12/13/2013: Added Fujitsu Q584
UPDATE 11/13/2013: Added Acer X313, updated Toshiba Encore specs, removed Ativ Q (discontinued)
UPDATE 11/11/2013: Updated Dell XPS 11 and HP Omni specs
UPDATE 11/8/2013: Added Nokia 2520 date and updated W4 specs
UPDATE 11/4/2013: Updated Lenovo specs and added HP Omni 10
UPDATE 10/22/2013: Added Nokia 2520

UPDATE 6/3/2013: Created new blog for 2013 new Windows 8 tablets

Note entries marked with RT are running Windows RT which will only run new metro style apps but not existing Windows 7 apps.

Device Specs Price Comments
Acer Iconia W4
8″ 1280×800 IPS
? nits
Atom Bay Trail,32 GB (SSD?)
2 GB memory
2+5 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
218x135x10.7 mm
430 g
From $330

Jan., 2014?

Screen is anti-reflective which improves outdoor use. Optional keyboard and cover. Comes with Office Home and Student.
Acer TravelMate X313
11.6″ 1366×768 IPS
? nits
Ivy Bridge core i5,120 GB SSD
HD 4000
4 GB memory
USB 3.0,HDMI,Stylus
720p+5 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 6 hrs
295x191x10.2 mm
790 g
From $950

Nov., 2013

Note older CPU with lower battery life than Haswell. Mainly targeted for business use with inclusion of TPM.
Asus T100
10.1″ 1366×768 IPS
278 nits (max. measured techreport)
Atom Bay Trail, 32/64 GB eMMC
2 GB memory
USB 3.0 (detachable dock)
1.2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 11 hrs
262x170x10.2 mm
544 g
From $350

Oct.18th, 2013

Tablet with detachable keyboard.
Dell Venue 8 Pro
DELL Venue 8 Pro
8″ 1280×800 IPS
400 nits
Atom Bay Trail
2 GB, 32/64 GB eMMC
Micro-USB 2.0,microSD,WiDi
Optional stylus
1.2+5 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 10 hrs
216x130x8.9 mm
395 g

From $299

Oct./Nov, 2013

Comes with Office 2013 Home & Student.
Dell Venue 11 Pro
DELL Venue 11 Pro
10.8″ 1920×1080 IPS
400 nits
Atom Bay Trail/Core i3/i5
HD Gen 7/GT2
2-8 GB,64-128 eMMC/SSD
USB 3.0,microSD,mini-HDMI
Active Stylus, NFC
2+8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 10 hrs
16 hrs with mobile keyboard
280x177x10 (15mm Core CPU) mm
721-835 g

From $500

Nov., 2013

Various detachable keyboard options: slim & mobile keyboards (last one with extra battery) and tablet dock (no keyboard). The keyboard are similar to Surface and have built-in kickstand. Also features removable battery.
Dell XPS 11
11.6″ 2560×1440 IPS
? nits
Intel Haswell Core i3/i5, HD 4200/4400
4 GB,128-256 SSD
Active Stylus
720p Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
300x201x10-15 mm
1130 g

From $1000

Dec. 6th, 2013

Flips 360 like the Lenovo Yoga. One difference is that the keyboard is flat with no travel so in tablet mode you wouldn’t feel pressing the keys. Trade-off might be tactile feel although there’s some haptic feedback.
Dell XPS 12 Duo Haswell refresh
12.5″ 1920×1080
400 nits (348 NB test)
Core i5/i7,128/256 GB SSD
Intel HD 5000 GPU
4-8 GB memory
2xUSB3.0,mini-Display port,NFC
1.3 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 9.5 hrs (+50%)
NB battery test: 7:44 hrs (from 5:34)
317x215x15-20 mm
1520 g
From $1199

July, 2013

Note Dell is still selling XPS 12 without Haswell.

Refresh of existing XPS 12 Duo: NFC added, Haswell CPU and slightly larger battery (about 40% longer battery life).

Fujitsu Q584 (Waterproof)
10.1″ 256×1600
400 nits
Atom Bay Trail,64/128 GB eMMC
4 GB memory
USB 3.0,microUSB,microSD,microSIM
Dual Digitizer
2+8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 11 hrs
635 g
From $879

Dec, 2013

Waterproof tablet.
HP Omni 10
10.1″ 1920×1080
? nits
Atom Bay Trail,32 GB eMMC?
Gen7 4EU GPU
2 GB memory
2+8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8.5 hrs
259x180x10.2 mm
635 g

Nov.11th, 2013

Lenovo Miix2
8″ 1280×800 IPS
NB Test: 389 nits
Atom Bay Trail,32-128 GB eMMC
2 GB memory
USB 2.0,microSD
2+5 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 10 hrs?
215x132x8.4 mm
350 g
From $299

Nov, 9th., 2013

Comes with Office Home & Student.
Lenovo Miix 10
10.1″ 1366×768 IPS
? nits
Intel Atom Z2760,64 GB eMMC
Intel HD GPU
2 GB memory
Micro-USB 2.0,microSD,micro-HDMI
1 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 10 hrs
264x173x10.1 mm
580 g
From $479

Sept, 2013

Opt. 3G. Keyboard cost $49.
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga
12.5″ 1366×768 / 1920×1080 IPS
300 / 400 nits
Core i5/i7, 128-256 GB SSD / opt. 1TB HDD
Intel HD 4400 GPU
4-8 GB memory
2xUSB 3.0,mini-HDMI,SD
TPM,NFC,opt.digitizer (FHD display)
720p MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
316x221x19 mm
1597 g
From $949

Nov., 2013

Business model. (Matte) Screen flips 360 degrees like Yoga into tablet but in addition keys rise to get more level surface and get clamped in place. Note also offered in 1366×768 resolution.
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
13″ 3200×1800
350 nits
Core i3/i5/i7,128-512 GB SSD
Intel HD 4400 GPU
4-8 GB memory
USB 3.0,USB 2.0,SD,micro-HDMI
720p MP Webcam
Battery: up to 9 hrs (up to 6 hrs video)
Engadget: 6:32 hrs (from 5:32 hrs)
330x220x15.5 mm
1388 g
From $1049

Oct, 2013

Several improvements over previous model: higher resolution display, longer battery life (from max. 8 to 9 hours), lighter and slightly thinner. It still flips 360 degrees same as previous model into tablet (still exposing keyboard).

Review: Engadget

Microsoft Surface 2 RT
10.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
357 nits (NB Test)
Nvidia Tegra 4, 32-64 GB eMMC
2 GB memory
USB 3.0,microSD,micro-HDMI
3.5 + 5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 10 hrs
Engadget: 14:22 hrs (9:36 prev. model)
275x173x8.9 mm
676 g
From $449

Oct. 22, 2013

Changes: faster CPU (from 1.3 to 1.7 GHz), higher 1080p resolution screen, slightly thinner (0.5 mm), 2 stage built-in kickstand, new optional white color, opt. keyboard covers are now backlit. Office is still included and added has been unlimited international free Skype calling.

Review: AnandTech

Microsoft Surface 2 Pro
10.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
372 nits (NB Test)
Core i5 Haswell,64-512 GB SSD
HD Graphics 4400
4-8 GB memory
USB 3.0,microSDXC,mini-DisplayPort
Digitizer (included)
2x720p Webcam
Battery: up to 9 hrs (from 5)
Engadget: 6:27 hrs (from 3:46)
Battery with power cover: est. 22 hrs
275x173x13.5 mm
907 g
From $899

Oct 22, 2013

Changes: 60% longer battery life, 20% faster perf, 50% better color accuracy screen, dual-angle kickstand, optional docking station and new optional keyboard kits (Music controls), opt. keyboard covers are now backlit and there’s also a Power Cover ($199) extending battery life.

Review: AnandTech

Nokia 2520 RT
10.1″ 1920×1080 IPS
665 nits (low reflection)
Snapdragon 800, 32 GB eMMC?
2 GB memory
micro-USB 3.0,micro-HDMI,microSD
A-GPS,A-Glonass,Opt. LTE
2 + 6.7 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 11 hrs
15 hours with opt. power keyboard
267x168x8.9 mm
615 g
From $499

Nov. 22nd, 2013

Note Windows RT device which won’t run legacy windows programs. Office and Outlook is included. Very bright screen with low reflection should be great for outdoor use. Rear 6.7 MP Carl Zeiss lens. Optional $149 power keyboard cover with 5 hour extra battery and USB ports. Colors: red, white, cyan, black.
Samsung ATIV Tab 3
10.1″ 1366×768
400 nits
NB test: 365/240 nits (power/battery)
Intel Atom Z2760 Clover Trail
2 GB,64 GB eMMC
720p + 2 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8.5 hrs
257x165x8.2 mm
550 g (without cover)


August, 2013

Note older Atom CPU (not Bay Trail). Keyboard cover is included for $699 which features built-in stand. One of thinnest tablets at only 8.22 mm
Sony VAIO Duo 13
Sony VAIO DUO 13
13.3″ 1920×1080
265 nits
Intel Haswell Core i5,HD 4400
4-8 GB,128-512 GB SSD
2xUSB3,HDMI,SD/MS reader,NFC
Opt. LTE/3G/4G, opt. GPS, Stylus
2 + 8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 10 hrs
Engadget battery test: 9:40 hrs
330x210x20 mm
1329 g


June 9th, 2013

Compared to VAIO 11 Duo 50% larger battery and with Haswell you should get much longer battery life.
Sony VAIO Flip PC (Fit)
Sony VAIO Flip
13.3″/14″ 1920×1080
15.5″ 2880×1620
300 nits
4 GB,128-512 GB SSD (13″) / HDD (14″ opt.,15″)
Intel Haswell Core i3/i5/i7,HD4400
Opt. Nvidia GeForce GT735M (14″,15″)
USB 3.0 (13″ 2x),mini-HDMI,SD
Digitizer,NFC,Ethernet (14,15″)
8 MP Webcam
Battery: ? hrs
325x223x14-18 mm (13″)
1179 (13″) -2087 (15″) g

From $750 (14″)

October ’13

Screen flips so you don’t have keyboard upside down resting on flat surface in tablet mode. 14″ and 15″ have discrete Nvidia’s graphics card option.
Sony VAIO Tap 11
Sony VAIO TAP 11
11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Intel Haswell Core i5/i7,HD4200
4 GB,128 GB SSD
8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 6 hrs
304x188x10 mm
780 g (+320 g keyboard)

From $999

Oct./Nov. ’13

Tablet with magnetically attachable keyboard cover similar to Surface design. It also has built-in adjustable stand and stereo speakers. Comes in either black or white color.
Toshiba Encore
Toshiba Encore
8″ 1280×800 IPS
? nits
Intel Atom BayTrail
2 GB,32 GB
micro-USB 2.0,micro-HDMI,microSD
2 + 8 MP Webcam
Battery: up to 7-8 hrs
213x137x10.9 mm
499 g


November ’13

Office Home & Student 2013 is included.

List of new Windows 8 tablets 2012

This is a list of upcoming new mobile tablet devices with Windows 8. This is not a complete list but tries to list most of the major consumer devices.

UPDATE 6/3/2013: LIST CLOSED. New 2013 list: 2013 Windows 8 tablets
UPDATE 5/23/2013: Added Acer Aspire R7
UPDATE 5/3/2013: Added Acer Iconia W3
UPDATE 4/11/2013: Added Toshiba Portege Z10t
UPDATE 2/10/2013: Updated Transformer specs, added review & brightness levels for Surface Pro & Thinkpad 2
UPDATE 2/9/2013: Added review links for VivoTab Smart & Toshiba U920t & XPS 10
UPDATE 2/5/2013: Updated Asus VivoTab TF810 tested brightness
UPDATE 2/4/2013: Updated Lenovo Helix availability
UPDATE 2/1/2013: Updated Fujitsu Arrows specs and availability, added Toshiba tested nits and battery life
UPDATE 1/30/2013: Added Yoga 11 Notebookcheck test results for screen and battery life
UPDATE 1/24/2013: Updated Kupa X15 specs and availability
UPDATE 1/24/2013: Updated Lenovo Helix specs, updated MSI S20 availability
UPDATE 1/22/2013: Added Surface Pro availability date
UPDATE 1/11/2013: Removed Samsung Ativ Tab RT (cancelled)

Note entries marked with RT are running Windows RT which will only run new metro style apps but not existing Windows 7 apps.

Device Specs Price Comments
Acer Aspire R7 15.6″
Acer Aspire R7
15.6” 1920×1080
? nits
Core i5-3337U, HD4000
6-12GB,500GB HDD/24GB SSD
Battery: < 4 hrs
254x376x28 mm
2400 g


May, 2013

Unique sliding design to convert into tablet (almost flat)

Review Cnet

Acer Iconia W3 8″
Acer W3
8” 1280×800
? nits
Atom Clover trail 1.5 GHz
2GB,32 GB
2 MP Webcam
Battery: < 8 hrs
135x219x11 mm
499 g


Q2, 2013?

Acer Iconia W510
10.1” 1366×768 IPS
NB test: 278 nits (350)
Atom Clover trail 1.5 GHz
2GB,32/64GB eMMC
2/8 MP Webcam
Battery: 9 hrs (18 hrs dock)
NB Web test: 13:35 hrs (dock)
168x259x9 mm
600 g (+620 g keyboard dock)
$499 (without dock,32GB)

$749 (with dock,64GB)

Nov. 9th

Comes with sleeve and HDMI to VGA adapter. Stereo speakers are built-in on both sides. Keyboard dock can be bought seperate for $150 which doubles battery life and has extra USB port.
Acer Iconia Tab W700
11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Core i3 / i5 1.7 GHz, HD4000
4GB memory, 64/128GB SSD
1xUSB 3.0,micro-HDMI,volume
Thunderbolt port
5/1.3 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 8 hrs
Engadget test: 7.13 hrs
191x295x12 mm
950 g


Oct. 26th, 2012

Great battery life for core CPU device. Slate with a cradle (without keyboard). Features thunderbolt port and fast Ivy Bridge CPU.

Video: Acer Iconia W700 Hands On

Asus Taichi 21
2x 11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
NB Test: 223+216 nits
Core i5/i7, HD4000
4GB memory / 128/256GB SSD
2xUSB3.0,Micro-HDMI,SDX/MMC reader,BT4.0
1080p Webcam
Battery: up to 5 hrs
307x199x17 mm
1225 g
From $1299

Dec, 2012

Dual screen (lid has screen on both sides). Second 13.3″ model would also follow: Taichi 31

Review Notebookcheck

Asus VivoTab RT (TF600T)
10.1” 1366×768 IPS+ RT
600 nits (554 AnandTech test)
NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core
2GB memory / 32/64GB eMMC
2xUSB,4G LTE,?
2+8mp Webcam
Battery: 9/16 hrs. (-/+ dock)
NB web test: 10:18 hrs (no dock)
263x171x8.3 mm
525 /1036 g (without/with dock)

Oct.26th, 2012

It seems dock is now included with base model (not sure if 2nd battery is incl.). You want to double-check when you order. Price is bit high for RT device which won’t run Windows 7 apps but it’s lightest, thinnest tablet with brightest screen (should be readable outdoors). Also features stereo speakers, E-Compass and several other sensors.
AT&T device comes with 4G LTE. Magnetic keyboard dock.
AnandTech review
Asus VivoTab Smart
10.1” 1366×768 IPS
NB Test: 360 nits (350)
Atom Z2760
2GB memory, 64GB eMMC
micro-USB,micro HDMI,micro SD
2+8mp Webcam
Battery: NB Web test: 7:52 hrs
263x171x9.7 mm
580 g

Jan, 2013

Optional magnetic connected keyboard available similar to Surface

Notebookcheck review

Asus VivoTab TF810
11.6″ 1366×768 IPS+
NB Test: 377 nits
Atom Z2760 1.8 GHz
2GB memory / 64GB eMMC
2+8 MP Webcams
Battery: 10 / 19 hrs (with dock)
294x189x9 mm
675 g (without keyboard)
$799 Wacom digitizer. Magnetic keyboard dock. Note called 810 before.

Notebookcheck review (German)

Asus Transformer Book TX300CA
13.3″ 1920×1080
350 nits
Core i5/i7 Ivy Bridge, HD4000
4GB memory, 128GB SSD
Dock: +500GB HDD
1+5mp Webcams
Battery: ? hrs
340x219x7.5-23 mm
1900 g (with dock?)
$ 1399 est.

Feb?, 2013

Slate with Magnetic keyboard dock (similar to Android Transformer).

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxzthX43qvY

Dell Latitude 10
10.1″ 1366×768 IPS
Laptopmag: 473 nits
Atom Z2760, Intel GMA
2GB memory, 32/64GB SSD
USB 2.0,mini-HDMI,SDXC
2+8 MP Webcams
Laptopmag web test: 7:16 hrs
opt. 4 cell: 17:40 hrs
274x177x11 mm (16mm 4-cell)
658/820 g (4-cell)
From $499

Oct. 26

Optional Wacom stylus and extended 4 cell battery. Note this device features a removeable battery except for the entry models.

Laptop mag review

Dell XPS 10 (RT)
10.1″ 1366×768 RT
NB Test: 352 nits
1.5GHz Snapdragon S4
2 GB memory,32/64 GB eMMC
MicroUSB,microSD,dock (HDMI)
Compass,Opt.LTE model/micro-SIM
2/5mp Webcams
Battery: NB Web test: 9:05 hrs
275x177x9 mm
635-645 g
1310 g with dock
$679 (with dock)

Oct. 26

Optional detachable dock / keyboard. Battery life looks great.

Notebookcheck review (German)

Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook (Duo)
12.5″ 1920×1080
400 nits (355 NB test)
Core i5/i7,128/256 GB SSD
Intel HD 4000 GPU
4-8 GB memory
2xUSB3.0,mini-Display port,
1.3MP Webcam
Battery: NB web test: 5:34 hrs
317x215x15-20 mm
1520 g

Oct. 26

HDMI is supported through optional adapter for displayport.

First Test: Notebookcheck test (German)

Order page:
Dell XPS 12 ultrabook

Fujitsu Arrows Tab (QH55/J)
10.1″ 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core
? GB memory
?/? MP Webcams
Battery: ? hrs
? x ? x 10 mm
574 g
$ ?

March ’13 (Japan only?)

Waterproof and dust resistant tablet. Will be available in Japan in late February/early March. No update yet on US/Europe availability.
Fujitsu Stylistic Q702
11.6″ 1366×768 IPS
400 nits
Core i3/i5, HD4000
4 GB memory,64/128 GB
5 MP Webcam
Battery: 4.2/9.5 hrs
302x195x13 mm
850/1075 g (without/with dock)


Business hybrid that will ship first with Windows 7. Features: Gorilla glass, WWAN / LTE (optional), TPM. Optional docking
Gigabyte S1082
10.1″ 1366×768
? nits
Intel Celeron 847, Intel HD
2/4/8 GB,32-500GB SD/HDD
1.3MP Webcam
Battery: ?/12 hrs (ext.batt)
270x173x15 mm
790 g (850 g HDD)
from $669


Optional docking speaker station and keyboard kit. Unique is navigation and mouse buttons on slate. Optional additional extended battery is also available (100g, slightly extends).
Gigabyte S1185
11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Intel Core i3/i5, ?
up to 8 GB, up to 256 GB
USB 3.0,VGA/HDMI,micro-SD
opt. 3.5G modem
1.3/5 MP Webcams
Battery: 7-8 hrs est.
?x?x? mm
900 g
$999 est.

est. March, 2013

Features optional magnetically attached keyboard dock and built-in kickstand. Has optical mouse on right side.
Gigabyte U2142
11.6″ 1366×768
? nits
Core i3/i5, HD4000
4/8 GB memory
64/128/256GB SSD / +0.5-1TB HDD
USB3,HDMI,3.5G,RJ45,card reader
1.3 MP Webcam
Battery: ? hrs
339×188-200×20 mm
1390-1490 g (+hybrid HDD)

Dec. ’12

Convertible tablet PC
HP Envy x2
11.6″ 1366×768 IPS
400 nits (NB test: 312)
Atom Clover trail 1.8 GHz
2 GB memory,64GB eMMC
microSD (tablet)
2xUSB2.0,HDMI,SD (dock)
NFC,BT, Stylus optional
1+8 MP Webcam
Battery: 7/14 hrs
NB Web test: 11:55 hrs (dock)
295x206x17-19 mm
680/1406 g
$ 849


1406 gram weight with keyboard. Optional stylus available

Notebookcheck review

Kupa X15 (UltraNote)
10.1″ 1920×1200 IPS
400 nits
Core i5/i7
8 GB memory, 64/128 GB SSD
1.3+5 MP Webcam
Battery: 7/13 hrs (+dock)
261 x 185 x 7-14 mm
780 g
From $1099

March 2013

Keyboard dock style. Features modular design on sides (opt. credit card reader, scanner, mobile handset ext.), removable battery, 3G/4G LTE, and Wacom-like digitizer.

Will be offered at Best Buy.

Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx
11.6″ 1366×768 IPS
400 nits
Atom Z2760 1.8 GHz (Clover trail)
2GB, 32/64 GB eMMC
2MP Webcam
Battery: 8 hrs (16 with dock)
301x188x10 mm (19-25mm with dock)
640/1300 g (without / with dock)

Dock: +$149

Dec. 2012

Dock is optional and doubles battery life and offers 2 additional USB ports.
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge Twist
12.5″ 1366×768 IPS
350 nits (NB test: 253)
Core i3/i5/i7, HD4000
up to 8 GB
128GB SSD or 320/500GB HDD
mem.card,Ethernet,TPM,3G option
720p Webcam
Battery: <7 hrs (NB test: 3:16 hrs)
313x236x20 mm
1578 g

Oct. 26th

Business Convertible tablet PC
11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
400 nits
Core i5/i7, HD4000
up to 8 GB, 128-256 GB SSD
USB 2.0,SIM,MiniDisplay,port
2xUSB 3.0 (dock)
Digitizer pen
Optional LTE, NFC
2+5 MP Webcams
Battery: up to 6/10 hrs (+dock)
296x187x11.6-20.4 mm
835/1700 g (+dock)

Late March, 2013

Folds backwards 360 degrees but in addition you can detach the screen and second you can flip the screen when attaching.
Lenovo Thinkpad 2
10.1″ 1366×768 IPS
Laptopmag test: 389 nits
Atom Z2760 1.8 GHz (Clover trail)
2 GB, 64GB eMMC
Opt.digitizer Pen, 3G/4G
2+8 MP Webcams
Laptopmag web test: 9:42 hrs
263x165x10 mm
565 g

$799 (dock included)


Stereo speakers and optional active 1024 levels digitizer & pen (slot in tablet for pen). Optional: 3G/4G, dock/stand (without keyboard), dock with ethernet, HDMI and extra USB ports. Note 5 finger multi-touch display.

Laptop mag review

Lenovo Yoga 11 (RT)
Lenovo Yoga 11
11.6” 1366×768 IPS RT
350 nits
NB Test: 306 nits
Nvidia Tegra 3
2 GB, 32/64 GB eMMC
2xUSB2,2-in-1 card reader
720p Webcam
Battery: up to 13 hrs
NB Web test: 11:30 hrs
298x204x16 mm
1270 g
from $679 (RT)

Nov 27th, 2012

Convertible ultrabook tablet: you can bend the screen 360 degrees backwards so you convert it from notebook into slate.

Notebookcheck review (German)

Lenovo Yoga 11S
Lenovo Yoga 11S
11.6” 1600×900 IPS
? nits
up to Core i5
up to 8 GB, 128 GB SSD
? Webcam(s)
Battery: up to 6 hrs
?x?x17 mm
1397 g
from $799

June, 2013

Convertible ultrabook tablet: you can bend the screen 360 degrees backwards so you convert it from notebook into slate.
Lenovo Yoga 13
Lenovo Yoga 13
13.3″ 1600×900 IPS
286 nits (NB test)
Core i3/i5/i7, HD 4000
4/8 GB, 128GB SSD
1 MP Webcam
Battery: 8 hrs (NB test: 4:29 hrs)
333x225x17 mm
1542 g
from $999

Oct. 26th, 2012

Convertible ultrabook tablet: you can bend the screen 360 degrees backwards so you convert it from notebook into slate. You can choose from 2 (accent) colors: orange or gray.

Order site

MobileTechReview video

Notebookcheck test

LG H160 Slider
LG H160
11.6″ ? IPS
? nits
?GB, ?GB
? Webcam
Battery: 10 hrs
?x?x16 mm
1043 g

Oct.26th 2012 (Korea)

Slider type with stylus. Potentialy won’t be available in US.
Microsoft Surface RT
10.6″ 1366×768 ClearType RT
433 nits (AnandTech)
2 GB memory, 32/64GB
USB,micro HDMI, microSD
2×2 Mimo antennae
720p+720p Webcams
Battery: NB web test: 8:36 hrs
275x172x9 mm
676 g
$599 (+cover)
$699 (+64GB)


Thin at less than 1 cm with Gorilla Glass 2 screen. Optional magnetically attached 3mm thin cover that is also a keyboard with touchpad (5 colors available). 2nd option is type cover which has better keyboard with little bit of key travel. RT edition comes with free Office ’12

Order Microsoft store

AnandTech review

Microsoft Surface Pro
10.6″ 1920×1080
AnandTech test: 371 nits
Intel Core i5, HD4000
4 GB memory, 64/128 GB
USB 3.0,Mini-DisplayPort,microSDXC
Digitizer Pen input (pen incl.)
2x720p Webcams
Battery: 3-6 hrs
AnandTech web test: 6 hrs
275x173x14 mm
903 g
From $899 (64GB)

Feb 9th, 2013

Available Feb 9th. at Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft stores. Full Windows 8 version with larger battery than RT version and with digitzer wacom pen support and full HD display.

AnandTech review

MSI Slider S20
11.6″ 1920×1080 IPS
? nits
Intel Core i5, HD4000
4-8 GB memory, 128GB SSD
2xUSB 3.0,mini-HDMI,SD
720p Webcams
Battery: 7 hrs
303x196x20 mm
1160 g (SSD)

2013 end of Jan.

Razor Edge (+Pro)
10.1″ 1366×768
? nits
Intel i5/i7,NVIDIA GT640M LE
4-8 GB memory,64-256GB SSD
USB 3.0,docking port
Opt. console dock (3xUSB+HDMI)
2MP Webcam
Battery: up to 8 hrs
2-4 hrs gaming (2x with ext.batt.).
?x?x? mm
907 g

Gamepad dock:$250

2013 Q1

Targeted for video gaming. Unique is dedicated graphics card.

Optional 3 docks available: gamepad controller with force feedback ($250), keyboard ($200) and docking station ($100). Optionally extra battery for gamepad controller for $69 which doubles battery life.

Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T (XE500T)
11.6″ 1366×768 PLS
400 nits (NB test: 348)
Atom Clover Trail 1.5GHz CPU
2 GB,64 GB SSD
Digitizer Pen input / Wacom Stylus
2+8 MP Webcams
Battery: NB web test: 7.14 hrs
304x189x10/20 mm
750/1480 g
$650 (without keyboard)
$750 (with keyboard)

$800 (AT&T LTE, Nov 9th.)


Slate with magnetic dockable keyboard. Supports pen input. Micro-Sim card version for AT&T LTE network access.

Order site


Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700T (XE700T) PLS
11.6″ 1920×1080
400 nits
Core i3/i5 CPU, HD4000
USB3.0,micro HDMI,Micro SD
Digitizer Pen input / Wacom Stylus
2+5MP Webcams
Battery: <8 hrs
304x189x12/22 mm
884/1600 g


Height is 22mm with keyboard/clamshell. Includes keyboard. Slate with magnetic dockable keyboard. Supports pen input.
Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch
13″ 1366×768
? nits
Core i3/i5 CPU
? GB,500 GB HDD
? Webcams
Battery: 9 / 4-5 hrs
?x?x? mm
1724 g
$810 (i3)
$860 (i5)


Like Lenovo Yoga bends backwards 360 degrees into slate.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 Slider
11.6″ 1920×1080
NB Test: 382 nits
Core i7-3517U/HD4000 CPU
4/8 GB,128/256 GB
Digitizer Pen input
GPS,1080p Webcams
Battery: NB Web test: 3:47 hrs
323x226x18 mm
1200 g
From $1099

Oct 26th.

Slides halfway with a hinge (see video). Comes with digitizer pen. Powerful system but bit heavy and pricey

Notebookcheck review
Laptopmag Sony VAIO Duo 11 review

Sony VAIO Tap 20
20″ 1600×900
? nits
Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
1.3 MP Webcam
Battery: ? hrs
?x?x? mm
5200 g
From $879


Table top tablet with 20″ screen. More like AIO but can operate battery powered.

Laptopmag Sony VAIO Tap 20 review

Toshiba Portege Z10T
10″ ?
? nits
Ivy Bridge, ?
2 GB,? SSD
USB3.0,USB,microHDMI,SD reader,VGA
? MP Webcam(s)
Battery: ? hrs
?x?x? mm
? g

2013 Q2

Detachable (backlit) keyboard model. Not using the new upcoming Haswell CPU yet.
Toshiba U925t (U920t) Ultrabook
12.5″ 1366×768
300 nits
NB Test: 126/263 nits (batt./power)
Core i5-3317U, HD4000
up to 8 GB,128/256GB SSD
2xUSB3.0,HDMI,SD reader
1/3 MP Webcams
Battery: NB Web test 3:10 hrs
327x213x20 mm
1451 g


Slider type model with Gorilla glass display.

Notebookcheck review

Vizio Tablet
11.6″ 1920×1080
? nits
AMD Z-60, Radeon HD
2 MP Webcam
Battery: ? hrs
?x?x10 mm
753 g

2013 Spring

Installing dual boot Windows 8 on Lenovo S10-3t

UPDATE:I installed RTM release and works still fine on S10-3t (other than slightly skewed resolution). It’s still same install process as far as I can tell and you still need to increase resolution to make Metro apps work

See list of Windows 8 devices 2012 here: List of new Windows 8 tablets 2012

I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Lenovo S10-3t and here is list of issues you might encounter and tips how you can improve setting this up. Big benefit of Windows 8 is that you will be able to get smooth zooming and navigation with IE10 and similar performance improvements you get for pdf with the optional reader download.

See here Win 8 video on S10-3t showing IE10, reader and few other apps:

Installation new dual boot OS

First word of caution that OneKey Recovery program doesn’t work anymore when I installed Windows 8! So backing up with this program may not help to restore back to Windows 7. Therefore I decided to reinstall Windows 7 completely from scratch and remove one of the partitions so I can split the main drive in 2 and use new 2nd partition for Windows 8.

Here are steps how to do this and create new clean Win7 install and leave 1 partition for windows 8. Again warning: you will lose all data and OneKey backup won’t work anymore so backup your data on external drive.

1. Preparation

  • Create bootable USB drive (at least 4GB size) and copy all files from the Windows 7 Setup DVD to this drive. See how to do this here: http://www.ehow.com/how_8441030_create-boot-disk-windows-7.html
  • Backup any data and programs installations on external drive. Note programs need to be reinstalled. Make sure you write down all program keys (e.g. Windows, Office, …)
  • Download all necessary Lenovo S10-3t drivers first since Windows doesn’t have built-in driver for S10-3t wireless. Go to Lenovo support site and download at least following drivers on external drive (or use another computer):
    • Intel Chipset Driver
    • Intel OnBoard Graphics Driver
    • Wireless Lan Driver (Intel, …)
    • Broadcom Ethernet driver
    • Lenovo Energy Management (to get Fn keys working for screen brightness and audio)
    • Lenovo Active Protection System
    • Lenovo Screen rotation
    • Download Microsoft Surface Touch pack to get touch working for Windows 7: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17368

2. Create partitions and install new Windows 7

  • Insert USB drive and reboot. If the USB doesn’t boot automatically go to bios setup (F2) and adjust boot order or use F12 to choose boot menu and then choose USB device
  • When Windows 7 setup starts choose Drive options (advanced):
    • Delete the large windows partition and 1 additional partition. I  deleted the additional ‘Lenovo’ backup drive partition since I couldn’t use that anyway anymore for backup. Obviously you will lose all data so backup data first!
    • For the just deleted windows partition choose ‘Extend’ and then choose the 2nd partition you deleted. This will merge the 2
    • Choose ‘New’ for the merged partition and decide on % size. For instance 50% will leave half for the 2nd partition. Next I would label the volume. For example Win7. Repeat that for the remainder of the partition (choose 100%) for Windows 8
    • Choose the Win7 partition for installation of Windows 7
  • When Windows 7 setup restarts make sure you remove USB drive so you won’t end up in an endless loop:-)
  • After Windows 7 is installed install all missing drivers you downloaded previously (in that order above). Note initially the device manager will show 3 unrecognized devices and you won’t have internet connection. After installing drivers you should see no errors anymore in device manager (power management, LAN and ethernet are the 3). You can install additional drivers and software optionally like screen rotation
  • Restore any data and programs you want to install. I installed also K-lite Codec pack which will install Media player classic which gives you better performance and lower CPU usage for most video formats. For best battery performance in Media player classic use MPEG2 files and choose as render ‘Overlay Mixer *’. This will bring CPU down around 10% (you may get notification that aero is disabled but you can disable this message in notification settings).

3. Install Windows 8

  • use Windows 8 DVD (or downloaded preview) and choose to install on the 2nd drive (new install)

Improving Windows 8 on S10-3t

  • First problem is that the new Metro apps require at least 1024×768 resolution. One way to workaround that is to use downscaling. Only downside is that aspect ratio is not maintained on S10-3t but otherwise works well. Follow instructions how to enable this here: http://www.jessebandersen.com/2012/02/lenovo-ideapad-s10-3t-increase-dpi-and.html
  • For previous issue consider creating a shortcut key to switch resolutions. You can use autohotkey for instance with change resolution script.
  • Optionally you can download newer graphics driver driver on Intel site: GMA 3150. Although there’s an aspect ratio setting I didn’t have any luck keeping 16:9 ratio on S10-3t. I believe this setting is for upscaling resolutions only
  • Note minimum resolution for split screen or snap app feature is 1366×768 so you won’t be able to display apps side by side on S10-3t. Looking forward when Lenovo Yoga will be available with proper 1600×900 resolution.
  • Install the Lenovo power management driver. Then change in power advanced options: set max CPU to high. Second I’d change closing lid to hibernate and power to shutdown
  • There’s no start menu and no shutdown options in Desktop mode (it’s in charm menu Settings/Power). That’s fine I think for S10-3t since you can assign shutdown to power button and hibernate for close lid action. But if you want to add shutdown shortkey button anyway in the taskbar follow these instructions: http://www.howtogeek.com/77061/how-to-add-shutdown-restart-sleep-to-the-windows-8-metro-start-screen/
  • I would recommend adding some apps from the store. For instance navigation and zooming on the ‘Reader’ is pretty fluid on the S10-3t especially compared to Windows 7 Adobe reader.
  • You can swipe from sides to open additional menu’s but on S10-3t the display edges are not flush so you may not find it easy to open the menu’s this way. UPDATE: turns out you start the swipe from the edge and then it works fine. Alternative is to use keyboard: use Windows key+Z to open app menu. Also Windows Key+X will open start menu. Or with the mouse move to corners: right side corners will open charm menu, upper left side opens switch app bar (move down to see all). Also right-click will open app menu as well
  • Another shortcut key: Windows + I will open settings menu. Note that this settings menu is in the app context. So if you opened weather app and open this menu you can change weather app settings (e.g. Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • There’s no start menu anymore in desktop but there’s a trick to add it as a toolbar. See http://www.winbeta.org/guides/how-create-start-menu-toolbar-windows-8-consumer-preview

Below example desktop with shutdown shortcut and start menu navigation bar:

Canon Powershot S100 compared to G9

This is a comparison between Canon S100 and Canon G9 (and by no means comprehensive).
UPDATE 11/19/2011: I did a few more tests and updated several sections.


Overall quality and resolution is similar but the S100 lens has more corner softness even at same 35mm focal length (especially on the right side). At 24mm there’s also corner softness as expected but relatively speaking good for such wide angle. I found corner softness disappeared mostly at around 96mm but I didn’t do extensive tests for sweet spot.

Second thing I noticed is the amount of sharpness applied to JPGs seems lower than S95/G12 and recent other camera’s but resolution is similar. Shooting RAW with some PP will give better and more similar results (see below).

F2.8 ISO 80 1:1 Comparison with some S100 softness (click to see 1:1):

Low-light / High ISO

At high ISO I found the S100 to be about 1-2 stops better than the G9. In addition the S100 is 1 stop faster at max aperture however this is only achieved at full 24mm wide.

See below 1:1 crop comparison (aperture is same since S100 is little bit zoomed in):

There’s also a handheld night scene setting which I found to be quite impressive: it takes several shots and combines them in 1 image. At 1/10 sec image looks still pretty good and not blurry. Only downside is that min. ISO seems to be 1600 so it’s meant for low-light only.

Here’s 1:1 crop comparison:


One thing I noticed is bit high contrast and saturation. So I did a comparison for ISO 80 between JPG and RAW with some PP (reduce contrast+sat+incr. unsharp mask). I do think you can get better results with RAW so I’d always shoot JPG+RAW if possible:

Click to see full 1:1 crop:

New Noise Reduction Setting & Custom Color settings

The S100 has a new noise reduction settings for high ISO JPG. It’s really great Canon added this until I found that you can’t change it when shooting RAW+JPG. So still best to just shoot RAW+JPG and then change noise reduction setting of the RAW yourself. The difference is also subtle but I’d always go with low NR (if you’d only shoot JPG).

Second (not new) is ‘Custom Color’ setting where you can adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness  and red,green,blue. This is also unfortunately disabled in RAW+JPG. If I’d shoot only in JPG I probably would shoot with contrast -1 and sharpness+2 (but RAW+JPG will give you lot more options).

ISO 1600 JPG 1:1 comparison normal to low NR setting (click to see 1:1):

Custom color effect comparison for sharpness and contrast (click to see 1:1):


New is 720p at 30fps and 1080p at 24fps (S95/G12 has only 720p 24fps). Video quality is good and looks stable at 24mm. At full zoom rolling shutter issues become visible with movement and best to stay away unless you use a tripod.

Resolution increase is very visible from 720p30 to 1080p24. Downside is that 24p will give you less fluid motion so test first which one you prefer.
I noticed contrast and saturation to be very high causing contrast clipping and you can mitigate that by either using custom colors with contrast + saturation set to -2 or you can use neutral color mode (which has little bit more contrast):
Also video brightness is pretty high and you can change exposure but it will lock the exposure for entire recording.

See here video comparison of several color settings:

Zoom isn’t great: 1. zooming is audible on recording; 2. at max zoom you start to see rolling shutter effect with movement. So I’d stick with zoomed out shots and don’t change zoom too much.

Vimeo video comparison:
Video S100 comparison to HF G10
Canon Powershot S100 1080p sample video

Here is a framegrab comparison between S100 and HF G10 camcorder:


I haven’t been able to do a full comparison but here some pro/cons of the S100:
+ 24mm wide angle has corner softness but relatively speaking decent perf and low artifacts
+ 1080p24 video resolves good resolution and I haven’t see any rolling shutter artifacts (except when zoomed in)
+ Low-light / high ISO performance better than G9
+ More compact than G9
+ Good overal image quality for compact size
+ Handheld night scene works very well and can improve quality by at least 1 stop
+/- No fine JPG. Workaround is RAW but not as convenient and requires extra step (there’s a batch convert though)
+/- JPG lack sharpness (can be mitigated by using RAW and applying PP)
– Video is very bright and there’s no relative exposure adjustment (only locked exposure)
– Corner softness which gradually reduces but still visible at around 85mm
– Some visible shadow noise at ISO80. RAW helps slightly
– Lens aperture drops quickly when zooming in which could cause ISO 800 in daylight images with zoom
– Less zoom than G9 and slower at max zoom
– min. 24mm has more corner softness than G9 35mm and aperture decreases quickly when zooming in
– Several (unnecessary) limitations: Panorama has no 2×2 and no portrait mode anymore (only left/right). Workaround is not to align using screen. But you also can’t change ISO. Also ISO80 only available at > 1 sec shutter time and no NR setting and custom image available for JPG+RAW
– 1080p not available with 30fps for better motion
– Zoom level moves too fast to make small fine adjustments easily

Sony NEX-5N compared to Canon G9

Here’s a quick (not complete) comparison between the Sony NEX-5N and Canon G9.

One downside with compacts last couple of years is that pixels increased on a same sized sensor. This caused noise to increase and low-light performance to suffer (although post-processing improved and compensated for this little bit). New alternatives to compacts are larger sensor compact interchangeable lens camera’s. For instance 4/3 cameras have a bigger sensor and the Sony APS-C an even bigger sensor. Downside is that lenses still have to be larger since the sensor is larger as well. But despite that due to the compact body the overall size is still relatively small.

Low-light performance
The Sony NEX-5N low-light performance is amazing. It easily is 3-4 stops better (lens is about 1-2 stops slower). See below 1:1 crop example:

NEX-5N low-light compared to G9

Daylight performance
Daylight performance is better but the kit lens is not great. Anything under F8 aperture will cause left side of the picture to be very fuzzy (about 20% of left side). So you have to shoot at F8 to get a more even resolution (but there’s still some visible resolution loss at pixel level). Also I noticed that the Sony JPG’s have a processed look with high contrast and saturation. RAW images improves that but still looks more contrasty than I’m used to. But despite that overall quality and resolution is still little bit better.

I also tested the fixed 16mm prime lens and resolution is little bit more even. The camera is quite small with this lens and comparable to G9.

Example center and left side F4:
NEX-5N daylight center 1:1 crop

Left 1:1 crop at F4 (note F8 looks lot better). Click on picture:

NEX-5N daylight left 1:1 crop F4

Movie mode

Unfortunately my model had the clicking issue: when tilting slowly few degrees I hear a click. So it’s impossible to record without hearing these noises if you’re walking or shooting video from a car. This issue is known by Sony and they offer free ‘repair’ of this issue. The fix would reduce the sound significantly.

The video quality itself is decent and no wobbly CMOS effects that I could see when panning fast.


The Sony NEX-5N definitely is a big improvement in low-light even with slower lens. It’s also better than 4/3 cameras but in daylight the quality is quite similar to the G9 and with larger apertures worse. This can be contributed to the kit zoom lens but there aren’t too many (affordable) zoom lens choices yet currently. There will be new lenses next year and hopefully lens quality will improve.

The new Canon S100 is 1 stop faster than G9 and low-light improved by about 1-2 stops. But low ISO performance is not better and similar to G9. So there’s no perfect compact yet.

Forza 4 Cars interiors & Fanatec Wheel

UPDATE 12/30/2011: I added section under Fanatec wheel discussing normal versus simulation mode.

I wanted to give an update on Forza 4 compared to my earlier interior overview on Forza 3. Graphics have been greatly improved.

Which dashboard meters are visually working while driving?

Similar to Forza 3 but it supports now some additional graphics depending on car: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator.

Some cars: turbo meter (i.e. Celica), outside temperature, digital lap info in the dashboard. Also some cars feature additional graphics. E.g. the Lexus LF-A you can see the color ring changes for RPM.

Example Prius with working digital readout in center display:
Forza 4 Prius interior


Graphics have been improved considerably from Forza 3. Exteriors look very shiny and more realistic.

Interior dashboard graphics have improved as well and several issues has been fixed: cut off mirror issues, hidden speedometer on some cars. Dirt 3 interiors still might look slightly prettier although it doesn’t feature very many cars especially production cars and the lighting engine isn’t as good either.

Which cars?

There are about 500 cars and about 410 cars I believe are carried over from Forza 3+DLC.
See below video of all cars (including few limited edition cars not included in regular version like BMW design challenge cars). At first glance I believe here are few that are new: Chevy Volt, Ferrari FF, Lexus CT200h, Lexus LF-A, McLaren MP4-12C, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Volvo S60. I’m missing a few new models but there will be several additional download car packs. I assume also pre-order bonus cars like the CR-Z will be made publicly available.
There has been 2 additional DLC’s available. Go here for latest DLC:
Forza 4 Add-ons

What is AutoVista?

This is a new car view mode where you can view selected cars in very great detail and features various interaction. For instance you can open any door and start the engine. Jeremy Clarkson does some of the commentary. This mode is really great and I could see this as a great sales tool for new cars.

UPDATE additional cars (1/2012): Hyundai Veloster Turbo (free)

Current Autovista cars supported (BMW M5 only with Limited edition):

Example BMW M5 AutoVista:

Can I see more of the interior?

The trick from Forza 3 still works and you can use now full wide view:

• Go to career and select my profile
• Select options and choose multi-screen
• Set multi-screen to ‘on’
• Leave everything default except change angle to max number

This will reveal a lot more of the car interior.
See here example with max angle compared to Forza 3 on the right:

Default view:

Which Kinect features are offered?

  • Autovista (Kinect only mode)
  • Split screen (Kinect only mode)
  • Racing with your hands (Kinect only mode)
  • Head-tracking

Autovista worked really well with Kinect as soon as you figure out how you need to move to get smaller movements. I found best is to only lean left/right. You can also crouch and lean forward to see more detail. Activating points is sometimes bit rough and you have to raise your hand bit more but otherwise works great. It does feel more natural than a controller even though it may not be as precise and fast to control.

Racing with your hands is like you’d expect. It’s fairly accurate but there’s no gas/brake so the experience is limited. But in co-op split-screen and especially for kids I can see this being fun. Wheel of course is still by far best way for realistic experience.

Head-tracking allows you to use kinect to look left/right by either leaning or tilting your head. Initially I couldn’t get this to work well. First thing is that I expected I could look fully around as with the right controller but it’s designed for rather smaller movements for looking into curves. Second to get it to work better I needed to go to head-tracking settings and make sure your head is fully in the box. Second I increased 3rd head yaw with lean option so it would be more sensitive and move quicker.
Once you get used to it it feels quite natural and is a great feature but I still wish for a wider view range. Second as soon you move just little bit too much you get annoying re-kinect message. Hopefully this feature will be further improved in a future patch.

Split screen

Split screen is still in Forza 4. New is that you can see now little bit of the dashboard view as well. How much you can see of the dashboard varies but typically you can’t see meters completely. You can look around if you use a controller with right pad.

Forza 4 split-screen

Best view?
To get best racing line I’d still go with either hood view or street view . The 2 exterior views are good for drifting and the interior view is still prettiest view to look at.

Which controllers for Forza 4?
Of course you can use controller or Kinect as mentioned. Although controller works well and people can achieve good times it just doesn’t feel realistic. So here are some other choices:

- Microsoft Wireless Wheel $59. This is not really a wheel but rather a motion sensing controller. But despite that looking at reviews it seems great cheap alternative to an expensive and bigger wheel. See video here: Forza 4 Wireless Wheel hands on part 2
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Wheel $89. I believe no force feedback wheel and no clutch/gated shifter. Haven’t seen reviews yet. Will be available end of Oct ’11
MadCatz Wireless Wheel. This is a new wheel for $249. Review: ISR MadCatz wireless wheel review
– Fanatec Wheels: GT2, CSR & CSR Elite. The last 2 are brand new wheels. The CSR I believe is similar to the older GT2 model. Spec Comparison:Fanatec wheel comparison. All of these weels are quite expensive around $250 but they are great wheels (CSR Elite even more but n/a yet). I bought Porsche GT2 few years ago and still love it. There are also different pedals available. The plastic pedals with clutch I don’t like much since they became unreliable but I ordered more expensive clubsport pedals.

Fanatec Wheel support

Fanatec wheel works similar as in Forza 3 and clutch and shifter is still fully supported (note you may need to switch clutch/handbrake setting for some presets). There are more presets and some custom settings to configure buttons differently but still it’s not possible to use the pad to look around. The 2nd setting does allow you to switch the paddle shifters for look left/right but I found that caused no direct access to rewind (requires start button and menu).

There’s now simulation for steering to improve realism. I do think there’s an improvement in steering but it’s not a dramatic change from Forza 3.

Some people reported a bug when using 900 degrees sensitivity where steering wheel would lock opposite direction after making a large turn. I haven’t experience it yet. Workaround for now would be to use lower sensitivity. A 2nd issue was reported that no credits were given after a perfect round with Fanatec Wheel (it incorrectly thinks you’re ‘cheating’).

UPDATE 12/2011: both bugs are adressed in the patch update (early Dec.). Note a 3rd issue was fixed that you need to move wheel lot more now to countersteer and maintain good drift (more difficult now). Before countersteering was interpreted at 270 so less countersteering was required.

Regarding force feedback it’s almost the same. Unfortunately bumps are still not as strong as the Microsoft wheel but force feedback is still lot stronger affecting force required to turn the wheel.

I found these settings work very well with Fanatec wheels:

Forza steering mode: Normal (see below settings for simulation)
SENS = 900
SHO = 100%; FF = 90%
DRI = 2 (or 3 if you think it’s too heavy)
LIN = 30 (0 if you want to be able to drift better)
Everything else default (0).

Normal or simulation steering mode with Fanatec wheel?
(added 12/31/2011)

After the patch I noticed that Thomas from Fanatec posted a blog article saying simulation steering setting is now more difficult and less realistic than normal. I can’t confirm that but in regards to correcting oversteer it seems to me the amount of (small) correction to be unrealistic in normal mode. Another difference in normal mode is that when you get out of a drift you don’t have to correct the wheel much to get car straight again. Best to try all settings and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Thomas also mentions this interesting real vs Forza 4 BMW M5 comparison video where the driver compares the two and finds the real M5 to be easier to control since it exhibits more traction than in the game (and also more understeer instead of oversteer when accelerating out of a curve). Otherwise close especially the gear ratios and maximum speeds. Obviously another difference is the lack of lateral forces that gives you extra feedback.
Thomas mentions that this confirms as well that simulation mode is less realistic but I believe Tim didn’t use simulation mode and I don’t think traction changes in either mode (I could be wrong though). One thing that could change traction is to check steering sensitivity differences between 2 modes (which I haven’t since I use different linear settings). Regardless whether this is related or not this is a great video to watch (note in German):

What does seem incorrect in both normal and simulation mode is that the steering seems to be too sensitive at the center. Therefore I’d recommend to increase the ‘LIN’ setting with Fanatec GT2 which is more realistic with 900 degrees (this is a bad drift setup so for that you may prefer normal mode and much lower sensitivity):

Forza steering setting : Simulation
SENS = 900
SHO / FF = 100 (I set FF to 90 since otherwise I hear high pitched sound)
LIN = 30 (that way it’s less sensitive and closer to reality)
Spr = -3
Dpr = -3

I’ve ordered Fanatec clubsport pedals since the cheaper plastic pedals caused issues again. First impressions are that any precision issues are fixed now and the brake feel is a lot more realistic and more precise. You first have some travel and then apply more or less pressure to apply level. With the plastic pedals I always got quickly to 100% brake force with very little control inbetween.
The brake requires bit too much force for me even at lowest setting but you can adjust it (and another quick way to adjust it is to lower in Forza the upper deadzone for deceleration).


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